27th February 2023, Kathmandu

Khalti and Goodwill Finance have collaborated and enabled users of the services of  load wallet, bank transfer, and bank link in Khalti.

By utilizing this option, customers of Goodwill Finance can effortlessly load and withdraw money from their Khalti account. Additionally, with bank link service in Khalti, users can make direct payments without the hassle of loading their Khalti account.

Speaking about this offer, Khalti’s CEO, Mr. Binay Khadka shared, “We are continuously working to strengthen our vision of financial inclusion. We are confident that this vision will be achievable from our partnership with various financial institutions. With this service, Khalti users with Goodwill Finance account will benefit from making payments of more than 60,000 merchants and other financial institutions across the country without any hassle.”

Additionally, “Khalti” is providing a chance to win a flight ticket at Re. 1 along with “One Plus 11” when booking flights from Khalti. Goodwill Finance users can also participate in this offer by making bank link payment while booking a flight ticket from Khalti.


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