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19th November 2021, Kathmandu

At the seventh Google for India conference, Google revealed new India-specific product features and partnerships.

According to the Internet giant, the improvements would make it easier for new internet users in India to access information and boost small companies and youngsters. The following are some of the company’s new features:

End-to-end vaccination booking with Google Assistant

Google Assistant will guide users through booking a vaccination appointment on the COWIN website with voice guidance in English and eight Indian languages at each step, according to the business.

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The firm worked closely with COWIN to allow this integration, which will be available in the Chrome browser on Android handsets starting in early 2022.

Google Translate converts search results into the local language.

Google has announced the release of a new Search function that will allow users to access web pages written in various languages and view them in their preferred local language. When searching in a local language, if Google cannot find web pages that have information in that language, it will now look for content on pages that may be in other languages and translate it into the user’s query language.

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In addition, the company created a world-first Search tool that allows users to hear search results spoken aloud. This functionality will be offered in five Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil, as well as Hinglish (a conversational blend of Hindi and English).

Google Pay now supports Hinglish as well as other languages.

Google Pay will now support the Hinglish language. Users will operate the app in their preferred language, with Hinglish as an option to mimic how a huge section of Indians communicate organically.

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Google Pay also revealed the forthcoming debut of a speech-to-text function, which would allow users to enter account information into the app to initiate a payment using their voice and a capability to split bills for shared spending within a group.


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