Google Is Ahead Of All

There was no anything that made us go wow and our mouths open at Google’s annual developer conference. However, the hard work they have been doing is awe-inspiring.
Despite other factors the company reminded us about how they were quite ahead in the competition of Teaching Machines how to think.
They introduced Google on tap which was the most exciting topic during the conference. It is a more advanced version of google now, and it Anticipate what you need before you even ask. It does this by accessing critical information from your phone.
Google even says that you can speak to it as a friend. It’s like a machine having the learning capacity with the help of Learning Algorithm it is programmed with. Based on the impression on media, the App seems to be more intelligent even after not being completed.
So you can expect what Google might be bringing to us. This indicates a powerful assistant coming to the Android and Google will be able to achieve a milestone in the machine learning as well as Artificial Intelligence division.
Google is expected to have achieved more with Google now rather than Siri from apple as Siri is not as contextual as Google Now and Cortana. Microsoft has been quite good with its virtual assistant Cortana as well. Google on tap, however, will know what you want this time and what will you ask for Next time.
Google also says that everything Google is working on is about Machine Learning including their Apps like Google maps, and even the new photo App. This is a big step towards the future of  Artificial Intelligence and Google seem to be the one to get to the height that no other companies have gone.
Google on tap is expected to work as a mind reader of the sort, as it will be reading your screens digitally when you are physically doing it, and it will be collecting all the information to make something useful out of it so that next time you are not being disappointing by its assumptions made. Let’s not have high hopes for this feature, but we can surely be excited about it.