Google is an American multinational policy trading organisation specializing in internet related sources and products. Google is the world largest search engine which includes online advertising. Technology research, search optical, cloud , computing and software.

Google is also known as self driving cars, android, YouTube, nest,Google fiber and many more. Google is an instant hit and become famous and named as google after 2000. Google is very profitable in front of other search engine as comparison with others. Google itself optimize search results automatically .  Google is policy traded organisation built around the company hugely. It is most popular search engine.

It helps in following features pointed below;

Internet analytic s

Cloud computing

Advertising technology

Web application


Operating system

Operating system development

Google is provided by Sergy and Brin and larry page in Stanford university and chosen its resemblance to the googol.

The main aim of google is to organised the world records and information which make it more accessible and useful for user.