Google Wants to Fly Drones Over Your Head to Deliver High Speed 5 G internet

Perhaps sound may be crazy but it’s true, so throughout the world many controversial issues came into exist related to cyber security and maintaining privacy of every countries. So it is big issue, however it would offer you the high-speed internet service. So, Google is working on a similar secret project and code named as Project Sky bender which would provide the faster internet service as fast as 5 G from the air.

For this reason, Google is presently testing multiple prototypes of solar-powered internet drones in the new Mexico desert. For the security purpose, Google has also announced that it would installed its own dedicated flight control center near spaceflight operations center at the Spaceport America  facility in the town of Truth or consequences, New Mexico. Besides, Google’s Project Sky Bender Drones are also equipped with millimeter-wave radio transmissions to deliver next generation 5 G wireless internet, up to 40 times faster than 4 G LTE systems

Google Project Sky Bender Drones are very sensitive so it has to be wised properly otherwise it would obviously create many disputes throughout the world.  Not only this, it is also a part of Google’s Project Loon, another move by the tech giant to deliver internet access down to earth using hot air balloons floating through the stratosphere. Furthermore, it is also tested using two kinds of Aircraft like solar-powered drones developed by Google’s Titan Aerospace Team  and Aircraft called Centaur. Similarly, Google is also running out of time as the FCC (Federal Communications Commissions) has granted permission for air bone testing only until July 2016.

However, flying drone is one of the most advantageous tasks and need to focus on security as well, while applying this concept.