December 6, 2019, Kathmandu

With it’s one new camera version HERO 8 has many things that are new for everyone. It has freakishly smooth footage with smart capture superpowers. Battle-tested and waterproof without a housing.  This is the most advance Go pro ever made HERO 8. Getting a gimbal-like video without a gimbal with the help of Hyper Smooth stabilization adds up within its feature and makes it cool from any other video capturing products. It’s a new intelligent photo version that throws the best, brilliant images on it is own once captured. One can go blindly live anywhere from any means in Go pro app, sharing your amazing moment as you prefer to live it. It takes your performance and the images to the whole next level.

While talking about it’s mainly on features GoPro 8 has a dimension of 2.6W*1.91H*1.12D- inches.  The whole gadget weighs 126 grams. The camera lens is comprised of a 12MP digital lens. The camera has its many sub-features inside it like narrowing, zoom, linear, wide, super view and all it’s all upon the photographer how he/she is willing to take a shot. Videography is comprised of the live streaming building inside the GoPro app, pre-built presets, 8* slow-Mo, touch zoom and many more.  There is a slight improvement on the super photos regarding the older version of it.  One can connect the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi as a means of connectivity in the gadget. The stabilization is superb which comprised hyper smooth version 2.0. Time-lapse is something that today’s generation is more focused on. Seeing this they have put the version Time Wrath on this of version 2.0. It helps you to keep you tracking where ever you go with its GPS feature. One can easily note down that the video will be one of the most stabilized.  Leveling, digital lenses and presets are more give high emphasis than its previous version.

Seeing the photography the algorithm changes so how than older version gives its new way to improve its HDR.  It debuts the “Live Burst” feature. This cool feature helps you to capture the footage fast. It comes with the “protune” function which means it is already tuned up. There are only some certain scenarios where the super view can give great output. Activities like skiing, motocross, biking would work great.  One needs to avoid using the super view if there are focal items around the edges of the frame. It comprises of three modes media, display and light. It’s all up to the user what mode he/she wants to use as per the condition.

This super amazing gadget is available in the Nepal market which official distributor is Icefall Technologies. It was available last October.


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