Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives has launched a mobile application, “Bhumi Sushaasan” on Google Play Store. This application is a step toward good governance as it aims to digitize the services and tasks of the ministry. The application includes all the updates and news regarding the policies, procedures, document requirements and all relevant information in the sector of land-related services.

“The application consists of details in relating to the ministry programs, citizen charter; services provided by the ministry, working areas of offices under the ministry,” said Chakrapani Khanal, Minister for Agriculture during the launch event organized at the ministry. He further introduced the several features and uses of the application and said that the application was an initiative aimed to reduce the problems of any service seeker.

There is an arrangement of downloading the application from the google play store by the common citizen seeking land related services from the ministry. The ministry also informed that the application can be accessed in both online and offline mode.

Moreover, the app tries to solve the problem regarding agriculture and land that is regularly faced by service seeker, providing services like Land dictionary (information related to land), survey calculator (to measure the geographical location of land), and newly updated rules and regulations.

Recently the government has also launched the ‘Land Good Governance’ Mobile app. The app includes all the information about the ministry’s services and programs.  Similarly, the land related lawsare also accessible in the app. Likewise; it also contains information related to land acquisition.


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