Image: District Dispatch

From now onwards, in regard to provide information for the entire service seekers, government offices should mandatorily use the social media.

“The directive for ‘using social network by the government body-2075’ was approved by Office of The Prime Minister and Council of Ministers on Monday”, informed the government official.

According to the official, government body should use the social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Viber to disseminate the information for the entire service seeker.

As per directive, government offices should update all their information through social media.

It is also mentioned in the directive that the government offices should response all the queries fairly using polite language. Similarly, the social media should be handled by collaborating with other government bodies.

A special committee will be formed to solve all the problems that occurred in social media informed the government official.

At the current scene, only 10 percent of government office uses the Twitter.


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