Can you imagine, high quality of Pashmina and Woolen Wears made in Nepal. It’s true, so a Grand Opening of Salana KNIT is going to be conducted on 17th September at Bhatbhateni Tangal, Kathmandu, Nepal. So give your unbeliable participation to that program.

It’s something done by our effort and years of hard labor experience. During this program, many clothing wholesalers are going to be warmly welcomed. Not only this, but your participation is also essential to promote our bussiness. If we don’t uplift and expand our business than who would going to think for it. So please give you some valuable time for this program as well and boost up our bussiness.

We have bought lots of foreign goods and commodities but now its time to have real experience on our own clothing products. So why to step back, come front and do some shopping of our owns; and let foreign countries know that our products are also equally qualitative as like theirs. We are Nepali, so Let’s Feel like Nepali.