The Most Influential Person in Tech Er. Binod Dhakal. Dhakal is the Chairperson of CAN Federation, the most prominent and most well-known ICT network in Nepal.

Mr. Dhakal plays real-life hero for  Nepalese ICT Community.

A Short Profile of Er. Binod Dhakal


Executive Chairman of Green IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.; Chairperson of CAN Federation; Member, Information Technology Advisory Committee, (Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment, Government of Nepal).


MD of Electronics & Communication Engineering Pvt. Ltd.; Station Manager of Rainbow FM Pvt. Ltd.; President of Computer Association of Nepal ( CAN Federation 2012 to 2014 AD)


EMBA, B.E. (Electronics and Communication)


CCNA, RHCE, Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications


Digital transformation is high on the CAN Federation agenda because it’s reshaping the competitive landscape around Nepal. Evolving the role of IT from operations support to business leadership in Nepal.

An Interview with Dynamic Leader Er. Binod Dhakal

How would you define the role of National President of CAN Federation?

First of all, it is indeed a pleasure for me to be the President of CAN Federation. There is a history related to it. When I was elected as the President of CAN, I have a strong commitment to transfer CAN into CAN Federation. I got the achievement for that. After getting the performance, the well-wishers wanted me to be the president of CAN Federation, due to this reason I gave the nomination for the president for CAN Federation. In the history of CAN and according to the new constitution, I am the directly elected president.

When we talk about the role of the President, I have to strictly follow the constitution of CAN Federation and need to work on the structure so that the structure will be mature enough to address every aspect of the society being the Federation. We need to work for the development of ICT in the country.

Can you explain how you saw an IT business problem and applied technology to solve it? 

There are many problem to do the business in Nepal not only in ICT but in every field. We need not have to explain regarding it, everyone is aware on this. Our main focus should be to lobby government to make the ICT as the priority in the country and help them to formulate ICT policy to work on the model of PPP in the country. We can use ICT as a tool in every field, It makes the work easier and efficient, Slowly it is happening in the county, example is driving license, which was started recently.  We should focus on software development which is the knowledge-based industry.

Describe a situation in which you failed in the ICT industry?

No one is perfect in the world, Team work make success, and we follow that. Slowly we need to change the mindset of the people, and it will turn the country. We should first try to teach the policy maker the use of ICT. We are trying our level best to do so. Every moment is essential for me, and my team is working on that. We have different committees to work out.

 Describe a situation in which you succeeded. What did you do specifically to make it successful?

In my CAN history, I feel that I am the successful one in my judgment, I started my career in CAN from 2006 as Secretary, 2008, General Secretary, 2010, Second Vice President, 2012, President of CAN, currently President of CAN Federation. By observing this, I would not have been successful if I was not devoted to make the objective of CAN. I am very serious and wanted to create the history in the field of ICT.

I never wanted to involve in dirty politics in the organization which generally happens in most of the organization.

What would you do in the first 90 days after elected the President?

After we were elected, we were preparing for CAN Softech 2015 and ICT day, a national award, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, and we could not do any of the programs, but we are focused on the relief activities for the victims of the earthquake. We carried out different activities related to rescue and other help for the people in different parts of Nepal. It will be a long list if we start talking on this issue, but we contributed remarkably to the history of CAN.

Do you have to Share your Vision to ICT Community?

Our vision is apparent as listed in our constitution. We wanted to make Nepal as e-Nepal, which will happen only when we will be successful for the implementation of e-government of Nepal. Every citizen should be able to get government services through e-portal. Due to this reason to make e-Nepal, we have 56 district all over Nepal so that we will be able to impart ICT knowledge and awareness in all the parts of Nepal.

Some people said that CAN Federation could not be addressed the National ICT issues? What is your Verdict?

We are only the Umbrella Organization to all the ICT sector in the country; we are trying our level best to address the National ICT issues by various means. Everyone knows this; I need not have to explain our existence and what we do. TOGETHER WE CAN make changes in the country.

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