Great Step In Learning How To Use Technology

Lumbini  ICT Club Initiative a significant step in learning how to use technology. Funding for ICT in education policy is required for youth in ICT how ICT can be used to best effect in teaching and learning. 

Some Activites of Lumbini ICT Club are highlighted below:

  1. Session of Ideajuction on WordPress…Thanx for Mr.Kauseek Panta for his effective presentation..Also thanx to all students who attained the meeting…Its two more weeks to go and we will be able to build a responsive website.
  2. It is noticed to the students of 3rd and 4th semester of Lumbini ICT College that concerning on the regularity of Ideajuction, Lumbini ICT Club is continuing the session of Ideajuction from coming Friday(2072/08/18)-2:00 pm onwards…
    Moreover, tomorrow’s topic will be on WORDPRESS by Mr.Kauseek Panta.
    So, every related friend is requested to be attained with a laptop.
  3. Congratulation to Mr. Sandesh Kumal & Mr. Bijay Chettri once again for their time and devotion during the different events at college throughout the year. We encourage the rest of our friends as well to actively participate in the upcoming games. Lumbini ICT Club is always dedicated to creating different opportunities for the students, enhance their skills & respect their hard works.
  4. Series of activities are happening whereby Bootcamps, Ideathons and finally the appathon happening on Oct 9-11, 2015 in Dhulikhel, Kavre.