Nepalese Circle (a social service oriented group established from social media) has organized their awareness campaign at Durga higher secondary school at Jhapa district. The program was conducted 28th December 2016 at Jhapa.

The awareness was a successful event with all the participants of college and schools studying information and technology — the cybersecurity team members-Mr. Pradeep Adhikari, Ashish Neupane presented in the program, where Mr. Pradeep Adhikari started off the presentation showing the basic introduction about websites and web security of both internal and public sites. Mr. Adhikari also presented about the cybersecurity stating awareness and education as the first line of defense. He said, with the evolution of viruses are also evolving.

The cyber threat is high in developed countries with high use of the internet so gaining knowledge and learning the ways to protect ourselves from cyber-crime is a must.  IIHT Jhapa supported the Program.