Interested in learning Ruby on Rails but not sure about your career options in RoR? Interested in joining TECHRISE but haven’t had the chance yet?

Come join our casual info session on Feb 27th (Mon) from 2pm!
Meet the founders and Fellows to learn about how you can become a Ruby on Rails Developer with TECHRISE.
Our Immersive Program offers a hands-on internship opportunity for selected graduates to work on real-world projects as a RoR Developer.

If you already know that you want to join, you can directly sign up for our program at:

The TECHRISE Immersive Program includes:
Develop 5 Projects and Build Your Portfolio
Learn AJAX/Javascript
Learn Test Driven Development, an industry standard
Twice a week Personal Mentor Sessions
7 Days a Week Online Support
Office Hours / Virtual Workshops
6,000 NPR/month


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