Excise License Online

8th August 2021, Kathmandu

An excise license is a document showing that excise (=tax) has been paid on something.

The Inland Revenue Department has managed the system of renewing excise licenses through online mediums.

If your excise license has not been renewed, you can renew your license online as per the details given below:

  • Visit the department’s website.
  • Login to the Tax Payer Portal there.
  • Click on Self Renew Permit in the ‘Excise’ menu.
  • Go there and click on e-permit renew and enter the taxpayer’s PAN and permit number and click on register. The amount of tax you have to pay then appears on the screen.
  • Then select the bank for payment and submit.
  • The taxpayer will then be able to file the fee through Connect IPS by filling in the required details in the bank voucher received there. If you want to go to the bank to deposit cash, you can go to the bank by typing the transaction code number of the voucher and submit the transaction code.

Due to the current system of taxpayers going to the bank to file vouchers and apply for renewal of license according to the voucher, in some cases, there is a possibility of error in taxpayer’s permanent account number, revenue title number, office code, and amount, etc.

The time and cost of both the administration had increased and the service flow had been cumbersome.

The department has started an online system to address this problem.


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