The main job is to find the results which help you to sell aglitter fairy wings and also free shipping.

If you have begun your search then how should you know your search results which bring the most qualified products, you may scan the title and description snippet visually. There is nearly 12 billion Google search per months, and you should have to find the consumer conduct searches for products and services they need. They often use snippets by clicking or scrolling the search results.

There is three mega e-commerce site which approaches the title tags and meta description.

What they’re doing right

It helps in specifying the title tag and meta description.

You have to include keywords title tag and meta description

You may use an action-oriented meta description to call reader and to find quality products.

Strategic recommendation

  1. Draft more robust met description

As you scroll your page and second level category then electronic appear to have effortless which use default meta title and meta description. Due to incomplete meta description, Google has Opted to fed an additional copy from the page which feels setter and represents the content of the page. So that Amazon could control the cost media by providing a detailed and compelling description.

  1. Draft compelling title tags

This has the actual page title, and this page title doesn’t compel the reader to click. It does not evoke interest or excitement. It recommends a title that highlights the value proposition or ties into an overarching voice.

What they are doing right

It has a specific language which defines these benefits of shipping to restore pickup. Expert service, free shipping, etc.

It has appropriate lang which avoids transaction search results.

It has a unique title and met description.

Strategic recommendation

SEO experts told that keywords and meta title does not affect organic ranking or Google ranking which Google classification algorithms does not read these keywords.