How Is Technology Changing The Brand Story Telling?

Immersive Storytelling How Tech Is Changing

The brand is one of the most critical components of a content marketing approach by sharing and capturing the stories of your products and services with an identity. Besides, your target audiences are on the way to yearn the experience. So, the storytelling is as old as human civilizations, which provide entertainment, personal relationships, teach life lessons, facilitate the understanding and inspire empathy. The good stories are so immersive that it can make you forget about the rest of the world. Many people doubt “Does our New Technology replaces our creative art form or not?” The technologies we are using today augment to empower creative people and artists to be better and innovate something extraordinary.

The storytelling has evolved as our technology progresses. Unlike past; we used to sit around the fire camp and family table to share our stories but now, we use technology to share our experiences. Many cameras we are using today have the capabilities of WiFi so we can share or save our memories. The brand promotion has also become possible to draw the attention of any users and clients (Customer’s).

The creative advertising process involves many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on to build a perfect storm of revolutionizing storytelling for any marketers. The clear audience voice, differentiated user behavior, and unique environments let the engagement in compelling storytelling.

It also has some impact on personal life, digital applications for brand promotion overtook TV which we use traditionally as the medium of choice for bringing the romance and emotion of storytelling to life. Similarly, lots of mobile engagement occurs as a marketing source.

Mobile and video will continue to be critical drivers of the online; a record has estimated that by 2020, there will be an x13 growth in video and most of the users are mobile-specific to see those videos.  So the rapid development of mobile and people engagement of videos for storytelling purpose would be the challenging task for every data analyst.

Artificial Intelligence is also one of the immerging technological concepts that utilize a particular algorithm to learn from data patterns proactively. Robotics makes our brand storytelling even more concise and compelling.  Similarly, chatbots and gamification draw the attention of every people towards a product.  Hence every brand storytelling needs to drive immersive storytelling within their marketing efforts to build trust among users or customers.


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