Ways to Prevent Identity Theft From Your Online Activities

Online identity theft means to steal personal information for financial gain. Personal info contains credit card information, bank account, and others. It happens through a different medium of social media and email. And hackers apply different software of phishing for it. So we should be aware of it. So, we should be mindful about how to avoid online identity theft.

There are different scams to online identity theft. Some common scams are impostors, phishing, and charming. Impostor means to hack someone’s identity from their fake account. Moreover, phishing is also a process of stealing information. And it is possible through various email address with different messages. It also made you reveal your different personal information.

Pharming is also a method of stealing an identity. This process takes place through online traffics. The hackers have different websites. And these sites look like a real. When we log in to these sites, then our every information will transfer to the hacker. So, we should be active in it.

There are different ways to be safe from online identity theft. These methods are stated below:

  • There are many websites we use. So, we should be aware either it is safe or not. The lock sign shows that it is secure; otherwise, it is not. Thus, we should log in to secure website. Especially for online transaction
  • Be aware of scam emails. It may offer you different activities. It may sound good, but it isn’t so. And never reply to unknown emails. There may be an attachment to emails, like a photo. And you should not download those attachments.
  • You should be in contact with your bank statements or credit cards. And you also have to update your password several times.
  • Protect your computer and phones with strong security. If our network is detected with malware or malicious software, there may be a problem. There may be a chance of losing our identity while using the internet.
  • Be alert to fake information about your credit including your data. And if your mail or bill came too late, it’s a big problem. You have to contact your creditors. And hackers may change your address to hide a crime. So, you have to be alert on it.
  • The central part is the password. Your password should be secure. A weak password can be break easily. And it helps to get your information. So, use the secure password to make your account safe.

As technology increases, different crime as well increases. So, if you can apply the above mention steps, you will be safe. Online identity theft is more now a day. So, be alert to it. And share it as far as you can.


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