How To Boost Your Business With Video Sharing ?

Video has become very popular online with more and more people choosing to watch on their laptop or PC.

Google has now started to include more videos results in line with its standard natural results so there is a chance that a well-optimized video could land you a top position on Google.
There are four stages in your video production and promotion are as follows:
Ideas Stage

You need to decide what your video is going to be about and there are many ways to target your audience including:

How to Style ?
Information Video about a certain topic
Case Studies and Testimonials

If you decide to create a video to promote your business, I would recommend a “How To Style? These videos are much more likely to go viral, and the resulting buzz will see your rankings quickly improve.

Video Creation
Once you have come up with an idea for your video’s it’s time to start creating. The best way I have found to present a How to Clip is through the use of screen capture as you can record the screen you are looking at. This way, you can go through web pages and even PowerPoint presentations all in the same video.
When creating your video, you need to ensure that you:

Keep it under 4 minutes long. Record it at the same size as it will be played back.
Use an external microphone to ensure good sound quality.
Video editing and rendering
Once you have your raw footage, you need to go through the process of cleaning it up before you create the final, finished video file.
When rendering the video, you need to ensure that:

The file type is compatible with where you are planning to upload it.
The file size is under 100 MB.
The title, description, and filename contain the keywords your video is targeting.

Video Promotion
Now you have your final optimized video file it is time to share it with the world. There are many video sharing websites out there including the giant that is youtube.

To submit to YouTube, like any video sharing site, you will need to sign up for an account and then follow the onscreen instructions to upload your video, ensuring you use your keywords in your titles and descriptions as you would a standard web page.

If you are planning to create and promote multiple videos and would like to submit them to numerous video sharing websites.