Social Media Marketing is the process of increasing the website traffic or attention is social media sites. Social media marketing programs generally focus on the efforts to develop content that could gain attention and encourages viewers to share their views over social networks. The  electronic word of mouth (eWoM) is the result and it denotes any statement consumers share through the internet which includes websites, instant messages, social networks, news feeds about an event, service, product, company or a brand specially on social media platforms. As the underlying message transmits from user to user since it happens to be from a trusted third party source as opposed to company or brand itself, this format of marketing outcomes in paid media instead of earned media. 
 The main purpose of employing social media in marketing is the as a communication mechanism which makes the companies reachable to the public who are interested in their product and make them available to those people who do not have any knowledge about their products. Such companies use social media to generate buzz, learn from and target the customers. This is the only form of marketing that is able to finger consumers at single stage of the journey of consumer decision. Marketing via social media has many advantages . If the brands are non or less active on social media, they start to be less visible on Google searches. The platforms such as Facebook, Twitter ane Google+ have more number of monthly users. Different than other traditional media that are sometimes cost prohibitive to several companies, a social media plans and policies does not need high budgets, instead the companies makes the use of platforms such as Twitter, youtube, facebook and instagram to rach the consumers much widely than the use of traditional marketing such as print, raido , TV advertisements alone at minimum or no cost because some social media platforms can be used freely.
The social media marketing nowadays includes the use of social networks, electronic word of mouth(eWOM) and consumer’s online brand related activities(COBRA) in order to advertise online successfully. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter gives the information about the likes and dislike to the advertisers regarding their consumers. The technique is amazing as it gives “target audience” to the business. The information in social media is relevant to the user’s like that is available to business organization who then advertises accordingly. A decent service would outcome ina positive review that gets free advertising through social media but the poor service on the other hand will result in a negative review that could harm the company’s reputation potentially.