How To Manage The Growing Risk Of Cyber Attack, Head CSIT

Cyber Security Awareness Session at Texas International College. A session about cybersecurity awareness was held at Texas International College by Cyber Security International (CSI) Nepal. This is another successful event organized by CSI Nepal team in its bid to raise awareness about cybersecurity in Nepal.

Dr. Ramhari Subedi, Chairman of CSI Nepal, delivered the main presentation on cybersecurity: its situation, future scenario, and preventive measures. Through his performance, Dr. Subedi talked about various topics related to the cyberspace such as phishing, identity theft, online payment system and so on. He shed light on the growing hacking trend with the growth in digitization of information across the globe.

He said, “The main focus of cybersecurity is the protection of sensitive information, as with development in technology our lives are being more dependent on it, making us prone to more cyber-attacks than ever. So, we need to take cyber threats as a serious and real threat and move forward to prevent it.”

The participants were patient and attentive during the whole session, acknowledging the issue of cybersecurity and the need to move forward to help prevent it.

Mr. Shankar Pd. Sharma, Head of CSIT at the college and a member of CSI Nepal team winded up the meet with his view on cybersecurity in Nepal. he said, “ Cyber threat is a severe and real threat which must be dealt with collectively as in the future when Nepal moves into full digital phase, this threat may get worse than now.”