How to view the data that Google has collected on you

4 Feb 2020, Kathmandu

If you use an Android phone or use the Chrome browser while surfing the Internet on your computer, Google is more likely to know about your every move. Everything from the app you downloaded from Google Playstore to the website you visited on your computer browser is safe with Google. If you use Google Assistant on your device, everything you search for over the phone is saved to your Google Account.

Thankfully Google has made it easy for you to view such data yourself. Users can view their data stored by Google by going to their profile settings. There is also an option to prevent Google from using your data and web activity.

To look at the data that Google has stored, login to your Gmail account on your computer’s browser. Then click on your profile picture on the right and click on Manage your Google Account option. After doing so, the Google Account settings page will open in a separate tab. Then click on Manage your data and personalization option in the Privacy and Personalization option. And all the data associated with your Google Sites and apps can be viewed within the Web and App Activities option under Activity Control.

You can also view your location history as well as YouTube history via the respective options.

If you’re not happy with Google storing your activities, you can prevent Google from collecting your personal data. To do so, you must switch off the settings by clicking the switch menu in the sections mentioned above.


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