Ready to learn web development but not sure if TECHRISE is the right place for you? Ready to join a community of aspring developers but uncertain about Ruby on Rails? The TECHRISE info session on Dec 3rd (sat) will answer all those questions you may have. Come talk to the founders and learn how you can get started with your career in web development!
Bring your friends – anyone is free to drop by 🙂

Date: Dec 4th (Sun) 7:00pm~

You can also apply directly for our programs at:

TECHRISE training programs include:
✅ Skype-based Personal Mentor Sessions
✅ 7 Days a Week Online Support
✅ Develop 5 Projects and Build Your Portfolio
✅ Learn AJAX/Javascript
✅ Learn Test Driven Development, an industry standard
✅ Weekly Office Hours / Virtual Workshops

Immersive Program: 6,000 NPR/month
Moderate Program: 4,500 NPR/month