HP OMEN 17 in India

25th February 2023, Kathmandu

Gaming laptops typically have powerful hardware components capable of handling the demanding requirements of modern video games, such as high-performance CPUs, powerful GPUs, and high-speed RAM.

They also frequently include advanced features like high refresh rate displays, RGB lighting, and advanced cooling systems. And customizable software that allows users to customize their gaming experience.

Allowing gamers to play their favorite games while traveling or without the need for a dedicated gaming desktop.

HP has expanded its gaming portfolio in India with the new Omen 17 laptop.

In India, HP has recently launched the Omen 17 laptop, expanding its gaming portfolio. The Omen 17 laptop was created with gamers in mind, with powerful hardware and advanced features.

It provides an immersive gaming experience. In this article, we will look more closely at the Omen 17 laptop’s specifications and features. As well as how it differs from other gaming laptops on the market.


The Omen 17 laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7-11800H processor. a powerful 11th Generation CPU with eight cores and sixteen threads.

The CPU is paired with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU, one of the most recent and powerful graphics cards on the market.

The laptop comes standard with 16GB of DDR4 RAM that can be expanded to 32GB. It also includes a 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD with lightning-fast read and writes speeds.

The Omen 17 laptop has a 17.3-inch display with a 1920×1080 resolution. The 144Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time of the display make it ideal for fast-paced games that require quick reflexes.

G-Sync technology is also supported by the laptop, which synchronizes the refresh rate of the display with the GPU, resulting in smoother and tear-free gameplay.


The Omen 17 laptop’s thermal management system is one of its most notable features. The laptop has a sophisticated cooling system that employs vapor chamber technology, heat pipes, and two fans to keep the CPU and GPU cool.

The laptop also has an infrared thermal sensor that monitors component temperature and adjusts fan speed accordingly. This keeps the laptop cool even during intense gaming sessions, which is essential for maintaining high performance and longevity.

The Omen 17 laptop also comes with an RGB keyboard that can be customized per key. The keyboard is backlit and features a dedicated number pad for gaming and productivity tasks.

The laptop also includes a Bang & Olufsen audio system that produces high-quality sound for an immersive gaming experience.

The laptop comes with the Omen Gaming Hub software pre-installed, which allows users to customize their gaming experiences, such as keyboard lighting, performance optimization, and network optimization.


The Omen 17 laptop has a sleek and stylish design that will appeal to gamers. The laptop has a matte black finish with a carbon fiber pattern on the lid, giving it a premium appearance and feel.

It also has an angular design with sharp edges, lending it a modern and edgy appearance. The laptop is thin and light for a gaming laptop, weighing only 3.3kg and measuring 27.5mm thick.


In India, the Omen 17 laptop costs Rs. 2,09,990. This may appear to be a high price, but it is comparable to other high-end gaming laptops on the market. Given its powerful hardware, advanced features, and premium design, the Omen 17 laptop represents excellent value for money.


The Omen 17 laptop is a great addition to HP’s gaming lineup in India. With its powerful hardware and advanced features, the laptop packs a punch, making it ideal for gamers who demand high performance and immersion.

The thermal management system on the laptop keeps it cool even during intense gaming sessions, and the RGB keyboard and Bang & Olufsen audio system provide an immersive gaming experience.

The sleek and stylish design of the Omen 17 laptop distinguishes it from other gaming laptops on the market. Overall, the Omen 17 laptop is a great choice for gamers.


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