Huawei confirms it has built its own operating system just in case US

August 13, 2019, Kathmandu

Chinese Tech-giant Huawei has finally introduced its operating system(OS). The company publicly released its operating system during the Huawei Developers Conference being held in China. The OS is named as Hongmeng for China, whereas its global name will be Harmony OS.

This system released by Huawei will be able to support multi-device as per the company. The company says that it can be used in Smartphones as well as various home devices(IOT based methods), but its first application will be seen in a screen device.

CEO of Huawei Technologies Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu released the Harmony OS.

You said that this operating system could be used in smartphones, smart screens, speakers, and even in sensors. Huawei has declared Harmony OS as a part of its Internet of Things project. According to the Huawei, this OS will be used in almost all the devices that work via internet connection.

The company has also declared that within three years, this OS will be implemented in all its devices. The company said that its first implementation would be seen in China, but slowly the machines working on the Harmony platform will take over the global market.

After the United States of America blacklisted Huawei for security concerns, the company received a 90 days ultimatum from Google. Huawei, which was previously using Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows OS on various devices, was compelled to speed up its OS development.

During the G-20 summit held in Japan, the US president, Donald Trump had declared that Huawei is free to conduct trade with American companies. However, it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Although the ultimatum provided by Google has ended, and there is no problem seen for the usage of the Android platform, Huawei has created a good-enough backup if things go wrong. According to Richard Yu, the company has no problem regarding its platform for the devices manufactured.


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