23rd February 2023, Kathmandu

Hult Prize is a social entrepreneurship program Organized by the Hult Prize Foundation. It is a global competition for university students all over the world that pushes young people to create startup ideas based on the theme provided by the foundation.

Every year, the Hult Foundation releases a theme related to one of the world’s most pressing issues. The participating students formulate a group of three or more and come up with a startup idea, beginning the introductory phase of business generation.

They then compete with other teams in inter-college events, national events, and finally a global event. It is open to students all over the world and the winning team gets 1 million dollars as funding for their startup.

Throughout the years, themes such has “Early Childhood Education”, “Global Water Crisis”, “Global Food Crisis”, etc. have been introduced. The theme for this year is, “Redesigning The Fashion”.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest contributor to pollution all over the world? From its environmental impact due to import and export of goods that lead to carbon footprints being left behind, to the lack of sustainability of the clothes worn by general public, there are many reasons why the fashion industry is in need of refinement.

While the fashion industry is a large contributor of pollution, it is still deeply integrated into our daily lives, and is vital for our comfort and survival. For these reasons, this year’s theme is to try and tackle at least some of the rampant issues to begin the process of redesigning fashion.

What is Hult Prize at Samriddhi College?

Hult Prize at Samriddhi College is an extension of the global Hult Prize event currently happening in Samriddhi College located in Lokanthali, Bhaktapur.

Samriddhi College is a medium that links its students with the global Hult Prize event. The on-campus events within college premises are info sessions, workshops, mentorships, pre-event and the final college event.

These programs are designed to help build the students’ confidence and skills such that they can learn about the issues within the fashion industry, form startup ideas that tackle at least one issue, begin the process of business idea generation, and successfully pitch it to the judges.

The events organized thus far as part of the on-campus event in Samriddhi College are; Info Sessions to inform the students about the Hult Prize foundation, Workshops in graphic design, business idea pitching, Mentorship sessions to educate the students about the issues prevalent in the fashion industry.

The knowledge provided to the students thus far have proved integral in teaching them to formulate impactful startup ideas, and getting their business started. Along with that, a cleanliness campaign that was organized to envoke healthy competition between different teams, has proved to be fruitful.

The remaining on-campus events; the pre-event and the final event will focus on the integral part of business planning; Idea Pitching. The students will pitch their ideas to judges to determine whether or not their business is worth investing in.

We encourage anyone interested in learning about the Hult Prize foundation or scouting startup teams to attend the pre-event and main event on 25th and 27th February, respectively.

While Idea Pitching might be the main attraction of our event, we will also be providing representation to our sponsors via stalls to promote their own business. Along with that, many prominent figures will be attending, making our event the perfect spot for networking.

Everyone is granted free entry to our event, the venue being Samriddhi College itself. We’re looking forward to entertaining our audience as well as providing a platform for potential investors looking for good startup ideas to invest in.


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