30th January 2022, Kathmandu

Trichandra College, one of the oldest colleges of Nepal which have already created impactful leaders like Gagan Thapa is now on a mission to create impactful entrepreneurs.

The college is organizing oncampus events of the Hult Prize competition under the leadership of Campus Director Prakriti Karki and partnerships of organizations like Media Lab Nepal, Girls In Tech Nepal and CGEG Education Consultancy.

Prakriti Karki is a final year student of microbiology who has already demonstrated her scientific skills.

Hult Prize TC is prioritising the equal participation of the students from different faculties. To participate in the competition, anyone with an idea can directly go to the Hult prize TC website and fill up the form whereas anyone without an idea or team member can consult with the Hult Prize organizing committee to get help in finding the right match for the idea or team member.

The committee also provides all necessary one-to-one mentorship in idea generation, problem validation, presentation making, public speaking and several personal growth activities.
The winner of the oncampus event will get the opportunity to pitch their idea in a regional Hult Prize competition. The final winning prize of the Hult Prize is 1 million USD which makes it one of the highest prizes for students’ competition. It is also known as the Nobel Prize for students.

“This is not just a one-day competition. Once you become a participant, each day will be an opportunity for you to upgrade yourself.

This is our journey to make better humans, better entrepreneurs. This is a journey to create new history at Trichandra Multiple Campus. Hurry up!” says the organizing committee member.
Link for the information: Click Here


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