ICT Award 2020

6th October 2020, Kathmandu

Twelve most deserving contenders have been selected in the four varied categories while the selection process is still going on.

ICT award is one of the most awaited as well as a prestigious awards in the field of information and communication technology.  The process of audition to select winners for the 5th session of ICT awards is going on. The team consisting of 14 members of the jury has already finalized the top 14 participants in the 2nd edition.

12 deserving contenders have been given a green signal to move towards the third round in the category of Startup ICT Award 2020 and Rising Student ICT Award 2020. Similarly, 13 best products have been finalized for the third round in the category of Product. For the Innovation-driven crisis response ICT Award 2020, 14 out of all nominees have been finalized for the further round.

ICT awards had warmly accepted the nominations for 11 varied criteria through online measures. According to the specification by the organizers, the nomination which had started from 8th of Ashadh till 15th of Bhadra has collected more than 350 proposals in 11 different criteria. The selection round had started from the last week of Bhadra. Jury panelist Sushil Pokharel has stated that the selection in the other 7 criteria will be done by selecting the top seven deserving contenders at first and then the top 3 finalists will be chosen. In the end, the best contender will win the award. The Grand Finale Award ceremony is planned to be held in the month of December.

The outstanding participants from the startup, product, student project, and innovation selected in the 2nd round need to have a presentation and speed dating round with the jury members to get selected in the third round. The top 5 selected in the third round will enter the voting session by the public. Coordinator of the organizer team, Mr. Razan Lamsal stated that field visits will be done along with the public voting session.

Who was selected in the different criteria?

12 deserving contenders have been selected for the third round in the category of Startup ICT Award 2020. They are as follows:

BizHub I.T. Service Pvt. Ltd., CryptoGen Nepal Pvt. Ltd, Duluwa Expeditions Pvt. Ltd, Evalaya Tech Pvt. Ltd., GC Research and Development, Genius Systems Pvt. Ltd, Innology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Jeevee Health Pvt. Ltd., Nep Meds Pvt. Ltd., Sajilo Trip Pvt Ltd, Unelma Platform Pvt. Ltd, Washmandu Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 55 different companies had been filed for the Startup ICT Award 2020.

13 different products has been selected in the 2nd round for Product ICT Award 2020. They are as follows:

A Novel Vehicle Tracking Device, “CPFDS” – AML & KYC Management System, Fuseclassroom, Genius IPTV, Jeevee, MSecurity & Antivirus, Nyano Nani, OrderSathi.com, Ottish, RTVTR- Real Time Vehicle Tracking and Recognition System, SmartDoc Intelligent Document, Smart Ghar, Ved – Elearning. 35 products were assigned as nominees for Product ICT Awards 2020.

The highest number of nominations has been filed for the Rising Student ICT Award 2020. 65 different projects were received through online nomination for the given award. After the selection in the two rounds, 12 deserving rising student projects were selected to compete in the third round. 3D printing with Recycled Plastic, AGI LOCATION MARKER, Agro Monitoring & Controlling System, Automatic Sanitizer Tunnel, Baala: From Waste to Wealth, EDVR, GhumnaJaam, Go-Corona Nurse Robot, SAAVPS, Sanchai Chhau, Smart Blind man Stick, Smart Ghar are the 12 outstanding projects selected for the third round.

In the same manner, the Innovation-driven crisis response award 2020 has selected 14 innovations to compete in the third round. They are as follows:

 Automatic Sanitizer Tunnel, Covid-19 Pneumonia Detection using Deep Learning and Neural Networks, COVID-19 Safety Kit Analyzer, GoCorona – Nurse Robot, Hamro Swasthya Mobile application, and Covid-19 Web Dashboard, Live Twitter Sentiment: Tracking COVID-19 Discourse on Twitter, Namaste Doctor: Online Doctor Consultation, Nepal COVID-19 Surveillance System, Paaila Emergency Resuscitator, Paaila Emergency Resuscitator (Vent) , Sister Robot- Food and Medicine Carrying Robot, Take home Online Entrance Examination and Preparation, Thermographic camera for measuring fever, Ventilator. There were 26 innovations assigned for the Innovation-driven crisis response ICT award 2020.

Nominees selected for the third round in the category of Startup, Product, Rising Student, and Innovation will have a presentation as well as speed dating sessions coming Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. They will have to compete well to move to the next round. After that, the top five finalists will be put up for the SMS voting round. The selection process is going on for the other seven criteria for the ICT Award, according to the Jury coordinator, Hempal Shrestha.

Seven other varied criteria include Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Nepali Diaspora, Woman Icon, and Media Person. Similarly, the selection process for Digital Governance ICT Award 2020 and Digital Education ICT Award 2020 is in the ongoing process as well. There has been a formation of a Jury Advisory team as well to make the Award prestigious and transparent.


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