On 17th December, 2016, Kathmandu, Nepal (At Hall of Nepal Tourism Board). Muni Shakya as a packet of inspiration for National ICT development. An interaction program on Cyber Security Risks on Social Media caused by the Cyber Crime were successfully conducted as a concern of Ex- Deputy Minister, Prakash man Singh.  The Sixth AGM of ICT Journalist Development Forum inaugurated successfully at Hall of Nepal Tourism Board with many ICT Journalists, IT industrialist, expertise and many national fame. The objective of this AGM not only limited within this scenario, many businessmen and expertise were praised and awarded during that Sixth AGM.  Among them,  ICT Innovation Award, Muni Shakya was awarded with the title “ICT Innovation Award 2016″ for the contribution on ICT sector. The Sixth AGM of ICT Journalist Development Forum Chair by Bharatraj Upreti, President of ICT Journalist Development Forum.

Muni Bahadur Shakya is one of the idol and inspired people for every ICT lovers. If we were able to follow his single steps then I am assured that we can create lots of jobs in our country and no one has to go for searching a job in foreign countries.  For IT students it is very essential to walk on the path of him. Then only, appearance of Nation would be changed based on technology. So he is likely to be called as a packet of inspiration and devoted his life for the development of ICT.

As every person success there is someone behind, likewise in his life also family support played remarkable role. He had got full support of his parents and his wife.  So his contribution is very remarkable for the national development.

 He believed that the country statuses need to be understood and prioritized at first before implementing any terms and policies. Then only sustainable development would be maintained. Furthermore he told that governments need to provide lots of opportunities for new comers in  IT Field. And it is the demand of time to maintain huge competition among every IT business organization. Then only domination of foreign IT companies would be reduced and thousands of jobs would be created within the country. He further added that IT background student could not be handled within the certain limits as they have Globalized market and per day they have to face and tackle the Global Completion with the latest technologies. So, all the concern authorities need to put special attention on it and should maintain clear vision on implementation the policies rather that just making. So it’s time we all have to work together and think of like Muni Bahadur Shakya for the national development.