ICT Awards 2015 Will Be Held On 22nd December 2015

On the occasion of ICT Journalist Development Forum 5th Anniversary, a special Award will be presented.

The ICT Award is a unique award to commemorate and celebrate 5th years of ICT Journalist Development Forum. The ICT Award will be awarded once a year.

To Whom

The ICT Award will be given to that personality, not necessarily members, who gave a considerable contribution to the discipline to the sustainable development of ICT during the last decades. This Award can result in a betterment of knowledge of our control and our organization.

The Award meets multiple objectives.

  1. Exposure to Innovative ideas and practices for our nation.
  2. Recognition of IT Policy excellence
  3. Promote of ICT in rural areas
  4. Increase recognition of ICT Award
Criteria for the Choices of ICT Award

The improvement of the ICT conditions of people

The initiation of Creativity, Change, Innovations

Extraordinary publications, plans, projects and research

The creation of a great public interest

The importance and influence of an ICT Activity

A short introduction to the organizer


 IT & ICT Awareness Campaigning is Strong Media Tools for ICT Development of Nation. We Together Run” – Building e-Nepal through by ICT Media Awareness Campaign”

ICT Journalist Development Forum is a non-profit making national level NGO. It’s formed by a team of youth IT & ICT professionals Journalist to promote and Explore IT Product, Service and Technology through Media tools like as Print, Electronic, and Online Digital Media’s Platform. We were established in 2067. Mr. Bharatraj Upreti is a founder, President.