Software development generally means computer programming, bug fixing which are involved in creating and maintaining applications for various   purpose. And the person or an engineer who develop such software for certain usage are called software developer. Software development has been the highly payable job worldwide. And it has good future as well.

As software development has many good scopes in future, our country Nepal has also been gaining many developers such as Sushil Budhathoki, Bishal Dhakal, Anu Bajracharya, Binod Tamang, Sandeep Koirala, Roshan Shrestha, Abin Karmacharya, Sandesh Shakya and many more. They have been working in software development since a long time in various organization.

We all known that software developing is increasing day by day in our country as well as the software companies has also been increasing. There are many leading software companies in our state. According to the chart of 2014 most leading IT companies, 10 top companies in Nepal are as follows:

  • Verisk Information technology Pvt. Ltd.
  • Deerwalk service Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mercantile communication Pvt. Ltd.
  • F1 Soft International Pvt. Ltd.
  • Link tree
  • Incessant Rain Animation Studio
  • ebPearls
  • BrainDigit Solution Pvt. Ltd
  • Cloud Factory
  • SPI Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Like, I have already mentioned that software development has a good scope, they can gain numerous jobs in various platforms and positions. The jobs that are normally hold by software developer are Senior Java developer, PHP trainer, WordPress (PHP), Android Trainer, Technical Lead (.Net), Application developer, VB Developer, Software Developer, software engineer, iOS, etc.. They can also be known as the highly payable jobs in our country. No people in our country have to stay unemployed with the knowledge of software developing. These mentioned jobs are only few, there are many other reliable jobs available for software developers.

There are also many job vacancies for software developers. Some of them are as follows:

  • 3 software developers needed -Pay point Nepal.
  • Senior java developer need- Point Click Care
  • Development Lead (Java)- Pint Click Care
  • PHP Trainer| Java|.Net| Android Trainer- E-Prabidhi Pvt. Ltd.
  • iOS Developer- Digital Agency Catmandu
  • Mid/Senior Level iOS Developer- Percoid IT Solutions
  • Principal Software Engineer (JAVA)- Verisk Information Technologies (previously D2hawkeye Services)
  • Senior Software Engineer (JAVA)- Verisk Information Technologies (previously D2hawkeye Services)

There are also many outsourcing companies that are based with our country Nepal. Some of them are Outsourcing Nepal, Creative System Pvt. Ltd., Webbook, Datasoft Nepal, Orasoft Pvt. Ltd…

Web development has also been the prevailing job in our country. There are also many companies that works only in web development. These are also the continuous jobs. The leading companies for web development are Our Web Creation Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Softech Foundation Pvt. Ltd., Web Design Nepal: Hosting, SEO, i-Tech Nepal, Web Developer Nepal, Himalayan Web Information Pvt. Ltd., Weblink Nepal – Web Design in Nepal, Young Minds Creation (P) Ltd, Softnep Pvt. Ltd, Nepal Media Network Pvt. Ltd., etc.

Creating mobile apps has also been new introduced thing for the software developers. These days from youths to adults all of them play games especially in their smartphones and desktops. Apps development is also a right choice for the software developers, the games are increasing day by day so as the players are also increasing in double number. The most popular Nepali apps in recent days are Hamro Patro, Nepal Load shedding Schedule, Nagarik News, Online Khabar, Kantipur, Kaymu, English-Nepali Dictionary and many more.

Many of the industries are leading themselves in the Software sector. They are:

Oracle Corporation Common Stock [ORCL]             $164.4 B

SAP SE ADS [SAP]                                                          $79.0 B Inc. Common Stock [CRM]             $46.2 B

Adobe Systems Incorporated [ADBE]                      $39.4 B

Intuit Inc. [INTU]                                                         $24.8 B

Workday, Inc. Common Stock [WDAY]                   $13.7 B

Red Hat, Inc. Common Stock [RHT]                          $12.9 B

Catamaran Corporation [CTRX]                                $12.8 B

Mobileye N.V. Ordinary Shares [MBLY]                  $10.0 B