Illegal Amazon and Netflix Accounts Sale on

May 21, 2020, Kathmandu

There are reports that suggest selling illegal accounts of Netflix and Amazon Prime. is a digital platform for all B2C businesses whether selling products or services. Now, Netflix and Amazon Prime are international brands providing digital content. Besides, to access these entertainments, one needs to make international payments in the context of Nepal.

Every business entity in Nepal requires permission from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) to make international transactions. The failure of which makes it illegal.

So is Daraz selling these accounts illegally in Nepal? Well, for starters, Daraz is merely a platform for businesses. It’s like a giant shopping mall allowing its space for vendors and businesspersons and creating a market.

So does that mean the vendors who rent a digital space in Daraz are the ones in crime? If this is true, did Daraz do a background check on its clients?

Illegal Netflix and Amazon Accounts Sale on

Meanwhile, we got in talks with one of the representatives of Daraz to better understand the situation. The spokesperson had to say that Daraz is a marketplace connecting 4,500+ sellers with buyers across the country. Daraz itself is not selling any products or services. He further states that all listing and selling businesses on Daraz sign an agreement confirming that all their custom duties, exercise duties, and tax on any particular listed product are duly paid under the governing legislation.

For now, Daraz can only state the above information. “We will disclose further information after a consultation with our lawyers.” adds the spokesperson.

Not just in Daraz, there are many people getting access to Netflix and Amazon Prime and other many international products from other e-commerce platforms.  In fact, consumers are making payments by VISA or MasterCard.

Maybe we have a loophole in our regulations and maybe the Nepal Rastra Bank needs to make a few amendments in its regulations.

Is Daraz responsible even after signing the agreement that ensures all taxes are paid?

Or is it just the sellers performing fraudulent activities?

Well, we can only say after we hear further notices from Daraz and NRB.


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