IMS Group Brings DJI Drone In Nepali Market

DJI drone launched in Nepal. IMS Group- the authorized dealer of DJI, has brought the drone in the Nepali market.

The company has informed, very soon it will launch various products in Nepal  that includes; Mavic 2 Zoom, Spark Controller Combo Height, Mavik Air Black, Mavic Air White, Tello Global, Phantom 4 Pro V 2.0, Spark Fly More Combo Red, Tello Boost Combo, Osmo Mobile 2, Osmo Mobile 2 Part 1 Base and among others.

The customers can purchase the drones from Smart Doko Online, informed the company.  According to the company, the DIG occupies 70 percent of the market share globally. Globally DJI has been trading camera drone, the stabilizer of aerial photography and many other products.

 “We are pleased and proud to bring DJI drone in Nepali market,” said Dinesh Malhotra, acting chief executive officer at IMS Group.

“Since the demand of videography and photography in this digital era is very high we are very positive towards our step of launching drone,” added Malhotra.

 From last few time back the exploitation of drone has increased enormously. Nowadays in almost pictures and other kinds of video materials, the use of drone can be seen very highly. Earlier people use to hire a helicopter for an aerial shot, but now the now drone has made everything very easy. Similarly, Police and other security personnel also use a drone for an investigation.

Likewise, targeting the rural part of Nepal, National Innovation Center (NIC) has invented a medical drone known as an air ambulance. Medical drone delivers medicine and other essential materials to the patient.


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