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31st December 2023, Kathmandu

Revolutionizing Fertility Care: Indira IVF’s Nepal Center Tackles Challenges Head-On

Indira IVF, recognized as India’s leading network of IVF hospitals, is thrilled to announce the opening of its inaugural center in Kathmandu, Nepal. A frontrunner in delivering cutting-edge fertility solutions, Indira IVF enters Nepal with an unwavering dedication to realize the aspirations of hopeful parents in the country.

The decision to inaugurate a center in Nepal stemmed from a deep-seated recognition of the urgent need to confront the consequences of infertility haunting numerous individuals in the region. Statistical evidence indicates a consistent decline in Nepal’s fertility rate over the past few years, emphasizing a persistent downward trend. In 2023, the rate stands at 1.799 births per woman, signifying a 1.48% decline compared to the previous year. Extensive studies have laid bare the intricate challenges faced by Nepalese families battling infertility, ranging from severe economic strains to enduring social isolation, instances of violence, and even the denial of proper death rites.

Embarking on the healthcare journey in Nepal, Indira IVF stands resolute in tackling the profound challenges of infertility that tightly grip the region. Navigating the emotional terrain of infertility is already taxing, and the poignant reality is that many Nepalese couples are compelled to travel to India for quality care. This arduous journey only amplifies their burdens and financial constraints. We understand the specific difficulties people in Nepal go through when dealing with infertility. This includes a lack of awareness about infertility as a medical condition and finding it tough to choose the right places for help.

Dr. Neha Homagai, Center Head & IVF Specialist, Indira IVF Nepal, emphasized, “The consequences of infertility in Nepal are deeply impactful, stretching far beyond the inability to conceive. Couples experience immense distress, feeling excluded and incompetent. The repercussions of childlessness are more pronounced in developing nations compared to Western societies.”

While health services are available in Nepal, they remain predominantly confined to private hospitals in urban areas, often proving expensive and accessible only to those in higher socioeconomic strata. Moreover, the scarcity of skilled healthcare practitioners specializing in infertility worsens the problem. The lack of awareness regarding treatment options in resource-constrained settings further adds to the challenges faced by individuals and couples dealing with infertility.

Our enduring mission is to address misconceptions surrounding infertility, ensuring couples are empowered with accurate information and have access to affordable world-class treatment options, “ remarked Dr. Neha Homagai, Center Head & IVF Specialist, Indira IVF Nepal.

“Infertility is a growing worry in Nepal, needing immediate attention. Studies in eastern Nepal found that 46% of male partners in infertile couples had worked in the Gulf, hinting at migration as a major factor. Although more research is necessary to understand this connection better, tough living conditions faced by many migrant workers—like extreme heat, poor diets, and tough living conditions—are seen as significant reasons. Sedentary lifestyles and pesticide exposure in crops also play a big part in the rising number of infertility cases.

“Indira IVF’s expansion into Nepal aims to bridge the gap in accessible, affordable, and specialized infertility treatments. The clinic is committed to providing comprehensive care, alleviating the psychological and emotional distress associated with infertility, and empowering individuals and couples on their journey towards parenthood” – remarked Dr. Ajay Murdia, Founder and chairman, of Indira IVF

Operating across 120 plus centers in India with a dedicated team of over 2,400 individuals, Indira IVF conducts an impressive 40,000+ IVF procedures each year in India. The organization’s triumph can be credited to its ongoing commitment to investing in technology, particularly evident in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments.

Indira IVF’s Nepal Center

“We are thrilled to expand our services beyond India and contribute to the global initiative for advanced fertility care. Indira IVF has been a pioneer in adopting these transformative innovations. Our commitment lies in personalized treatment, and the latest technology, which not only enhances success rates but also serves as a source of optimism for couples facing infertility challenges. We strive to provide couples with every possible opportunity to realize their dream of parenthood” According to Dr. Kshitiz Murdia, CEO and co-founder of Indira IVF

The committed team at Indira IVF has completed thorough training to uphold the highest standards of care. This dedication to excellence highlights the organization’s resolve to transform infertility treatment in Nepal.

Indira IVF’s establishment in Kathmandu is assured to make a significant impact, offering aspiring parents in Nepal access to exceptional fertility care and the prospect of turning their dreams of parenthood into reality.

About Indira IVF:

Indira IVF is India’s largest infertility specialty clinic chain with 120-plus centers across the country, supported by a passionate workforce of over 2,700 people. Indira IVF has performed about 40,000+ IVF procedures in a year – the highest number in the country.

As a responsible leader, Indira IVF constantly strives to dispel the stigma, taboo, myths, and misinformation about infertility. Indira IVF is also committed to developing and grooming talent for fertility treatments. In 2023, BPEA-EQT has strategically invested in the organization.

Indira IVF was founded in the year 2011 in Udaipur, Rajasthan by Dr Ajay Murdia.


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