Being initiated with the Skill and Investment of Nepalese, has drawn the share of 2 crore US dollar. Before few days, anyone from any corner of the world can make his / her  investment on Sagoon and become a shareholder with minimum investment of 299 US dollars.

According to Public Communication Chief of Nepal Chapter,Mr. Ajaya Babu Shiwakoti, Sagoon has started selling of 8,69,564 units of Share worth23 US$ for each unit of grade C. According to him, by investing minimum investment of 299$ for 13 units, one can be Sagoon shared owner and further investment depends upon wish of investor interest.

Investment provisions including terms and conditions can be obtained through Sagoon’s Official WebSite “”. Nepalese residing outside the country can make investment. However, Nepalese inside the territory are not able to invest at the moment because of lack of constitutional provision regarding the matter.

Founder  of Sagoon, Govinda Giri, the provision made by American Jobs Act 2012,upon Nepalese technology and investment will make posotive impression in the Society.

“Well Wishers and Supporters of Sagoon trusted to our dream. Our mission, after the collaboration with Securities Trading Commission, will now be able to offer potential benefit for them”,He said.

According to the American Jobs Act, 2012, any ‘Mini IPO’ can make collection of five million dollars annually. But,Sagoon has opened share of worth two billion, which is 21% of the total shares in the deposit.  To become a shareholder at least 13 units of share must be purchased.

So far more than four thousand people have shown interest to buy shares worth 35 million dollars,according to Nepal chapter coordinator Sitaula. The share of value in 2014, according to Sagoon, was 0.5 dollars of value per share, which reached 3.75 in 2015, and now it has reached 23 dollars. Accordingly Sagoon has issued two billion shares. With the growth of  users  Nepal, India and the US Office Sagoon are preparing to increase investment and make service more effective in expanding the branches.


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