Innolux Showcases 106-inch

14th May 2024, Kathmandu

Innolux Participates in Display Week 2024, Showcasing Exclusive Products and Technologies for Smart City Solutions and Low-Carbon Automotive Applications

Innolux announces its presence at SID Display Week 2024 in San Jose, USA, from May 14 to May 16, to unveil a range of new display technologies tailored for public spaces and smart mobility vehicles.

Innolux Showcases 106-inch MicroLED

Innolux has continued to innovate cutting-edge display technology, and will showcase the 106-inch Color Conversion AM-MicroLED Free Tiling Display for the first time.

This pioneering display boasts the four major advantages of ultra-high-definition image quality, high color saturation, unparalleled ambient light contrast, and free-tiling.

By creating extremely small pixel pitch, ensuring ultra-high-definition and detailed imaging quality across the entire image.

The focus of its applications will be on niche markets, particularly the market for high-definition immersive experiences in large spaces and digital art. By breaking free of the limitation on traditional display border, customized display sizes ranging from 26.4 inches to 220 inches can be provided based on requirements to create new possibilities for digital art and mesmerizing visual entertainment.

Innolux’s exclusive LC dimming technology is fast-tracking the development of smart automotive applications in support of low-carbon living.

The Smart LC Window boasts dynamic transmittance, anti-glare, energy efficiency, reduced power consumption, rapid response, and intelligent networking. With LC dimming technology, Flexible Dimming LCW maintains true colors without color distortion, and blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays.

Innolux is also the first in the industry to launch Smart LC Dimming Side View Mirror, and its rapid response and accurate color reproduction not only improve driving safety and comfort but increase the value of the application of LC dimming technology in cars. Innolux’s groundbreaking Smart Dimming Sun Visor adjusts light transmittance instantly in intense conditions.

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