In 1979 when Muni Shakya first made a microcomputer in Nepal with UK-made microprocessor along with the Hex and ASCII keypad, Video Interface board and specially designed power supply along with the Serial I/O interface board, it was beyond my comprehension that this could whet an appetite of many young students to go into computer science and engineering as their future profession. This was also highlighted and bolstered more after Shakya had demonstrated black box CPM computer with National Anthem in Nepali on the yellow screen of indigenously built microcomputer in 1983. IBM started building personal microcomputers with PCDOS only in 1981 followed by MS DOS, the brainchild of Bill Gates. ….. more

nepal innovation center Muni is  CEO of High Tech Pioneer (HTP) R & D also has successfully carried out the computerized outside world control by human voice. Different electrical gadgets are turned on and off by simple voice commands to the microphone attached to the computer. The computer is recognizing the commands in Nepali and English and different jobs are carries out instantly in this way, the manual job done with mere voice commands.

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Considerable amount of work is also done towards Multi-media environment at HTP. Graphics animation, audio, video controls by the computer is performed at HTP in the professional level.

With an extensive R & D potentiality, dynamic workforce, computer manufacturing and strong service operations HTP is strong enough to cater the needs of our valued clients with latest test equipment like conveyor Belts, Automatic wave soldering machines, Ultra sound cleaning Tank, Pre-heated Oben, Automatic Cutting & Strengthening Machines, latest Pintek Oscilloscopes, Prom Programmer and various other digital & analog test equipment’s.

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Radiation Monitor to register the cosmic rays and effects of Radon gas as well as other radioactive radiation from the atmosphere and way beyond. Alpha, Beta and Gamma ray radiation from nuclear Activity can also be detected through the program in the computer with a special warning alarm as and when the radiation level is higher than normal, which is dangerous for the human being.