Installment Amounts For Smart Telecom, Hello Nepal And Web Surfer

Smart Telecom mobile in Kathmandu

18 January 2020, Kathmandu

The installment amount has been fixed for the three telecommunications companies saved by the government by overruling the decision made by Nepal Telecommunications Authority.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority has fixed the amount for Hello Nepal, Smart Telecom, and Web Surfer. These 3 companies will have to pay the balance by the financial year 2080/81. According to NTA’s spokesperson, Min Prasad Aryal, Smart Telecom will submit Rs. 3 Arba 57 Crore in five years. It has to submit Rs. 59 Crore 88 Lakh in the first year, by Ashad of 2077, Rs. 83 Crore in the second year, Rs. 77 Crore in the third year, Rs. 71 Crore in the fourth year and Rs. 65 Crore in the fifth year. Each annual installment must be submitted by the end of the financial year. Smart will have to regularly submit the rural fees and royalties for regular submission as well.

Similarly, Hello Nepal will submit Rs. 1 Arba 38 Crore in five years. It has to submit Rs. 21 Crore in the first fiscal year, Rs. 33 Crore in the second, Rs. 30 Crore in the third, Rs. 27 Crore in the fourth year and Rs.24 Crore in the final year as per the NTA.

Likewise, Web Surfer Nepal will submit Rs. 53Crore within five years. It has to submit Rs. 8 Crore in the initial year, Rs. 12Crore in the second year, Rs. 11Crore in the third year, Rs. 10 Crore in the fourth year and Rs. 9 Crore at the end.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority had decided to revoke the license of these three companies, saying there was no payment on time. But the government reversed that decision. Last week, the government had rejected the decision to revoke the license of Smart Telecom, Hello Nepal and Web Surfer Communications.

The government had decided to send a written decision to the authorities to cancel the termination decision and make arrangements for the companies to pay installment fees. These companies had appealed to the government after the license was revoked by the authority.


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