Intel Reveals Next Generation Compute Stick

Intel Present Core M-based Computer Stick in CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. The Company has introduced its brand New dongle PCs. The new model is more powerful than the previous product but also Convenient.
The first computers Sticks are introduced in 2015 enabling the user to turn any HDMI supported devices into a compile PC. But the reality was different; it isn’t able to perform according to expectation, and it has only one USB port.

But this year the company has changed its come feature and show up to the user giving the choice of Core M5 and M3. The device with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB e MMC storing and available in windows version including Windows 10.

For the connectivity, the device consists of Intel Dual Band Wireless and Bluetooth. Like previous computer stick, it consists of only one USB port, but the company has provided two extra port on the power adapter bringing total 3 USB for Use.
According to Company, the Core M sticks price starts at US$399 and start shipping in March. The company is also selling another device consisting Intel Atom 2nd Version with 32 GB storage 2 GB RAM and 2 USB at $160 and now shipping.