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19th April 2024, Kathmandu

The Hong Kong Innovation and Invention Exhibition led by the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association, brought around 30 local innovation and technology enterprises to make their first appearance on the global stage at the prestigious 49th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, from April 17 to 21 Central European Time.

The Exhibition will showcase over 40 cutting-edge inventions and technologies from Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Innovation and Invention Exhibition, a program of the Hong Kong Exporters Association, showcases Hong Kong’s innovation and technology potential to the world

The “Hong Kong Innovation and Invention Exhibition” project exhibition area is located at Booth B61 in Hall 1, covering 80 square meters.

The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association organizes the project and is sponsored by the Innovation and Technology Commission.

It aims to provide the local innovation and technology industry with free international exchange opportunities, bring Hong Kong innovation and technology products onto the global stage, and promote Hong Kong’s innovation and technology stories to the world.

The “Hong Kong Innovation and Invention Exhibition” showcases Hong Kong innovations and inventions covering five major categories: smart city, smart home and life, innovative finance, health technology and pharmaceuticals, intelligent transportation, and intelligent industry. The innovation and technology products on display include:

Smart City, Watch the Video: Click Here

In Hong Kong, the elderly population reached 1.57 million in 2023. The number is projected to further increase to a daunting 2.74 million in 2046, accounting for approximately 33.5% of Hong Kong’s total population. SINOVATED TECHNOLOGY’s one-stop intelligent monitoring system for eldercare centers, “SAFERIN,” integrates three core functions of health risk assessment, safety monitoring, and workforce management in institutions.

It assists the nursing staff’s workload and care pressure, eases the workforce needs of eldercare centers, and enhances institutions’ service quality and operational efficiency.

Smart home and life:

GREEN DAY INC’s carbon dioxide recovery and resource regeneration device, CIONEX, can convert carbon dioxide into carbon storage materials or algae cultivation, achieving circular utilization.

Innovative Finance:

The ETBadge, which Eternal Technology invented, adopts blockchain technology, which allows learners to present reliable and authentic academic and professional skills certifications to potential employers. The properties of blockchain make such certifications challenging to tamper with and counterfeit, and their authenticity is independent of verification by a central institution.

Watch the video to learn how ETBadge works:

Health Technology and Pharmaceuticals: Gense Technologies’ portable health screening device, Mediscan, can be used for preventive screening and at-home monitoring of chronic diseases, focusing on the liver, lungs, kidneys, and other areas. It is suitable for home use, eldercare services, and clinics.

Intelligent transportation:

The electronic lock developed by the Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre can help reduce the need for customs officers in two places to repeatedly inspect the same batch of goods, improving cross-border customs clearance efficiency.

The electronic lock has been used since 2016 at 63 customs clearance points in Guangdong Province and Hunan Province in mainland China, together with 13 clearance points in Hong Kong, assisting mainland and Hong Kong Customs in implementing the “One Lock Across Borders” initiative.

Intelligent industry:

Shanghai Leading Technology’s microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition system is an advanced material preparation equipment used to grow large-sized, high-quality films, coatings, or crystals in semiconductor manufacturing, optoelectronics, coating preparation, and optical coatings. Applications such as diamond growth play a key role.

Eric Sun, Chairman of the Hong Kong Exporters Association, said, “Hong Kong’s technology companies have developed innovative solutions with global potential. The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association and the Innovation and Technology Commission are showcasing 43 Hong Kong innovations at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. This renowned exhibition allows Hong Kong’s tech industry to engage with international leaders, aiding overseas market expansion and facilitating the sector’s internationalization.

Caroline Simonet, Director of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, said, “The rapid pace of technological change continues to reshape the global business environment, transforming industries of all types. At this year’s exhibition, we witnessed Hong Kong’s dynamic spirit of invention on full display through the region’s innovators, who demonstrated creative solutions brimming with potential.

Looking ahead, we aim to foster increased opportunities for international exchange and learning to elevate promising ideas from diverse origins to broader audiences. By facilitating open collaboration, all regions may share in the benefits of innovation as knowledge circulates more freely, driving progress for the benefit of people worldwide.”

About “Hong Kong Innovation & Invention” (Project)

“Hong Kong Innovation & Invention” (Project), organized by the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA) and sponsored by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is an initiative dedicated to showcasing and promoting Hong Kong’s immense potential in innovation and technology (I&T) to a global audience. The Project aims to facilitate collaboration within the industry and cultivate a vibrant I&T culture among the general public.

For more details on the Project: Click Here.

About HKEA

Founded in May 1955, the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA) is a non-profit making trade association registered under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

The Association’s mission is to develop Hong Kong as a trading hub for exporters, dedicating its efforts to serve and add value for the exporter community.


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