As the charm towards pursuing an academic career in Computer Science Information and Technology (CSIT) is rapidly escalating, numbers of IT institution and colleges have been established in Nepal. To know more about the scope and demands of CSIT, ICT Frame’s correspondent had a short interview session with Shankar Prasad Sharma, CSIT Head at Texas International College. Now let see what he have to say regarding the future of CSIT in Nepal.

Since there has been an extreme growth in IT sector lots of colleges have been established to provide IT education. Among all those colleges what makes Texas different and why should one enroll in it?

There many colleges and institutes in Nepal are providing IT education, but the thing that makes Texas different from those entire academic hubs is its education system. We focus on practical learning. Since we follow a unique and efficient teaching method, our student has been doing a great job in the market. They have been getting the placement in higher level companies of the state

It is often heard that the course of CSIT in Nepal is less practical and ineffective in the market, what do you have to say on it?   

Tribhuvan University hadn’t upgraded its course from last 10-15 years which is a sad thing for all the teacher and student associated with CSIT program. Though the University hadn’t updated its progression from a long time back, we have always managed to provide the course of the updated version. We always emphasize on the path that carries a significant role in today’s IT world. As we all know the technology changes every day; that’s why too it is a tough job for a university to change the course. Along with TU curriculum, regarding make our student smarter and updated in the IT scene we are offering various professional courses that are only taught in the foreign university.

Can Texas guarantee for internship and job placement of its students, if yes how?  

For deserving students, we can provide the best job opportunities. We do have our own IT company i.e. Softech Foundation. Many of our students are working as an intern and official in Softech. Similarly, we do have a good relationship with many other IT and business industry where our scholars are actively engaged.


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