Himal Karmacharya, a native of small Village Syangjha who graduated and mastered from MIT, dared to build his dream. Karmacharya is CEO of leapfrog- a software company who is brilliantly doing well. To know more about Karmacharya’s successful story we present a short interview session.

How did your journey of entrepreneurship begin?

First of all, I belong to a family where there is a high influence of running business or doing entrepreneurship. I went to USA for my education. While I was in USA I always used to think about doing something in Nepal. When I graduated from MIT I had left out with two options either to start something new or to get enroll in any companies. I joined Oracle, after joining there I met few friends with whom I always used to discuss about different business ideas.

 In 2009 I started Deerwalk along with my 2-3 friends and I left the Deerwalk on 2010 and started Leapfrog with some of my friends from oracle. The first idea that came in our mind after starting Leapfrog was mobile banking. At that time the mobile banking was not in existence. We collaborated with Kumari bank and designed software for mobile banking. At present we are working with Silicon Valley and I believe that now we are capable to build world-class software.

What about the ups and downs that you experience during all these years?

Being an entrepreneur there is always a hurdle, but I always look at the positive side and motivate myself to do better.

Since you are the team leader of one of the biggest company, so according to you what are the few qualities that are needed to be in a good team leader?

The very first thing is honesty; one must be honest towards his team, so there won’t be any kind of misunderstanding. Everything should be made clear with teammates. Secondly, there should be proper communication or interaction.

A team member should have a healthy interaction with all the teammates; he should allow them to put their opinion and ideas. Lastly the feedback, either it will be positive or negative the teams leader should collect the feedback from team members regarding every idea that takes place within the company’s policy and strategies.

About Leapfrog

Leapfrog is a software development company founded in 2010 with a mission to be the best and most trusted technology services company to execute customer’s digital vision. Since its inception in 2010, Leapfrog has earned the trust of more than 200 customers worldwide.


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