Interview with Pranaya Ratna Sthapit, DGM Of Samsung Nepal

An Exclusive Interview with Deputy General Manager, IT & Mobile Business, Samsung Nepal, Pranaya Ratna Sthapit

With what sort of expectations Samsung Electronics will be emerging in CAN InfoTech?

CAN InfoTech is the greatest technological fair in SAMSUNG is standing in the fair as features informed to the visitors regarding New Technologies adopted by SAMSUNG Smartphone.

What are the new products introduced in the fair?

We are introducing Galaxy C-9 Pro, Galaxy A-Series and Galaxy On 7 Pro as new Smart Phone. Galaxy C-9 Pro is the first SAMSUNG smartphone with 6 GB RAM and it is best suited for Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR) and Gaming Purpose. A-Series (2017) possess the High End latest features of S- Series and On-7 Pro is budgeted Smartphone with less than 20K is an Entry Level Smartphone. Initial Booking for these smartphones can be done in the Info-Tech fair. Here, Gear-VR can also be entertained.

How do you see SAMSUNG among the Smartphone markets?

SAMSUNG has covered 2/3rd of the Smartphone Market in Nepal. It has targeted all class of people and featured the smartphones as per the cost. Also, there are local and customized features available to South Asian users. Addressing the need of users in Nepal, features like S-Bike Mode, Ultra Data Saving Mode, Turbo Speed Technology has been added to enrich trust and understanding with SAMSUNG Brand.

Many Smartphone brands have been introduced in Nepal. Have these been a challenge to SAMSUNG?

New Brands in Market and Healthy Competition have always been obvious. This is required for Industrial Development. But from these, we are highly motivated and inspired to be more prosperous and strong.


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