Tell us your Background
Me, Bihari Binod Pokharel, Professor in Management at NCC/FOM/TU. I am working with the University since 2030(1974) as a teacher and Academic Administrator. Published a dozen books, more than three dozen articles, dozen research, Ph.D. supervision, etc. & received some Prize, Medal/Appreciation, member of social org /Director /Advisory in many org.

Please discuss your current research project

Currently, One dozen Research Scholar of diff universities are working with me for the Ph.D. degree.

Are you a good teacher?
Most students have assessed me as a good teacher, but I don’t know why?

What does your spouse do?

My wife is a retired teacher-taught for three decades.

Are you willing to become involved in Social work?

Now a day’s involved in social works I too frequently as a member/advisory do a little social work & planning to speed up after retirements.

The reason, Technology is essential for Education?

As a Prof in Mgmt, I say IT Technology is a must in Mgmt Ed, more important to students (future employees/technology users)-we all know E-business, Online Banking, Online Library, Online medical con, etc. Though Dev is slow & not perfect use/realization of IT application in most org in Nepal is the clear example of its importance.  But with the form we are also inviting challenges so carefulness in implementation is very Important.

Nepal Police facing a rising tide of social media crimes? What do you think?

Increased Cyber threats are well addressed by ICT frame viewers I mean contribute by providing constructive suggestions/this is a platform for the betterment of IT sector.

Clubs/NGO/INGO/Security social institutions should be much active to bring/develop awareness as well as protection/reduction of misuse is possible. Organizations using/take in IT support must be careful/well trained for proper/efficient use of technology.
At the national level strict Cyber Acts, rules-punishment are also equally crucial besides Awareness Campaigns like the present Mega Event. Cyber threats are common around the world, so secrecy/awareness/rules all are to be given due considerations. Lapse of social discipline & information gap has created more difficulty to improve/find solutions in our case.

We have already Started  Digital Signature, and Certificate, controlled/restricted use of electronic devices in the family, will also help to bring improvement in this sector. Has it become a problem for all users (increased applications)-How to manage the growing risks? No specific answer we will find, but we can search for solutions by bringing improvement in awareness, proper use of technology and punishment/to create fear and so on.

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