The producer of iPhone, Apple has launched its new products on Wednesday in one of its lavishing celebration. In this celebration, which was held in San Francisco, Apple launched its two new version of iPhone including iPad Pro and Apple TV.

Apple launched iPhone ‘6S’ and ‘6S Plus’.

Since the launch of iPhone 4, Apple has brought S-series as its upgraded version. Now’s S-series are also the improvised version of iPhone 6 and 6 plus which was launched last year.

Apple hasn’t brought any changes in iPhone’s design and Operation System. Because of this, looking at it in one glance will make you feel like its old one only. 6S has 4.7 inch display and 6S plus has 5.5 inch screen display.

Style of using iPhone is changing

From starting only, Apple had developed a style of using iPhone, from this version there has done important modifications. From iPhone’s this version it will react differently in force touch and normal touch.

This feature is called 3D feature and with this normal touch will lead you to one feature and with a little long touch you will; get access to another feature. This feature has been already installed in MacBook Pro and Apple Watch. Before one week, using this same feature in Huawei’s new phone launch, it beat iPhone and got in its place.

Before it had 8 megapixel camera and this time it has 12 megapixel camera

In this new version of iPhone another main modification is camera. IPhone 6 has 12 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel selfie camera.

In older version it only had 8 megapixel camera. New iPhone has 50% more megapixel than an old one. Likewise in iPhone 6S, you can record 4000 videos. It can capture 63 megapixel panorama photo.

3D touch makes it easier to take photos, now you can directly get access to camera by clicking on phone icon. The new attractive feature of iPhone is live photo. You can capture the mode before and after you took photo.

So as, iPhone’s day is covered with very strong glass. According to Apple, 6S and plus is the best iPhone till today. The display that has been used in IPhone is believed to be the best display in the company.

New iPhone 6S and plus has 4 different colors viz silver, gold, space gray and rose gold. In America, pre-order will be started from 12 September.

The price of 6S is 649 dollar for 16GB, for 32GB it costs 749 dollar and for 64GB it costs 849 dollar.

Likewise, it costs 749 dollar for 6S plus of 16GB, for 32GB it costs 849 dollar and for 64GB it costs 949 dollar.

New iPad Pro

In Wednesday’s program, Apple first launched iPad Pro. The screen of IPad Pro is 12.9 inch which is bigger than iPad Air 2. It has multi-touch feature.

It has also got full-qwerty keyboard. With A9 processor, this iPad works much faster. It has 2730X2048 screen resolution, means 5.6 million pixel. It is available in space grey, silver and gold color. It has 10 hours battery life. It weighs 712 gm and its width is 6.6mm.

TV has different operating system

In between for Apple TV new operating system was also launched. This operating system is named as TV OS. With the help of this operating system, at once two people can play games at the same time.

Likewise, it has made easier to search the things u need. With the help of Siri, users can choose their own favorite channel. In TV’s new remote there is trackpad. Apple TV’s remote also works on voice command. Launching this, Apple’s CEO Team Cook said that apps will be soon released in TV.

Apple has decreased the price of some old gadgets. The price of iPad mini 2 is decreased to 269 dollar. The price of iPad mini 4 is 399 dollar and iPad Air’s price is 399 dollar as well. From now onwards the price of iPad Air 3 will cost from 499 dollar.

Likewise, the price of Apple Pencil is 99 dollar and price of Smart Keyboard is 169 dollar. From this November, it will be available in the market. Pencil can be charged by keeping it in iPad.

At that celebration, Apple has also launched its new feature for Apple Watch. This App will look after important things for a patient and it is also said that it will also help doctors to communicate with their staffs and patients.