The F Gary Gary directed N.W.A biopic movie straight outta Compton has killed at the box office since 14th august of its release. It has managed to evade to hell being bootlegged until now. Torrent freak listed straight outta Compton as one of the most pirated movies of the week.

Pcmag doesn’t illegally downloading movies or streaming. Overall this roundup contains their mere observation about the internet film piracy. Nothing more, nothing less.

While talking about pirated movies. It has disclaimer out the way to do.

Welcome back and Entourage joining straight outta Compton as three new movie of the week. These are the week’s most stolen movies lists. if you want to know more about the bootlegged firms then you may find the seven other movies which are popular among pirates and should have to check out the slide show linked of both above and below information.

Please be sure and make us know about the movies on most bootlegged film list. If you have seen this movie and want to think they are worth by watching them providing your opinion in the comment section. If you have strong thought then let us know about it.