Nowadays, people have a common addiction lurking around yet so illusive and harmless. Whether you’re at a restaurant or at your relatives place or even going to the bathroom, streams of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, twitter and so on are always firing off.

This hyper activity has made it seem so harmless yet subconsciously these frequent users find it very difficult to pay attention to their surrounding. Even when not consumed by constant web browsing.
Research states that the most frequent users are more likely to get distracted and they are the one’s missing out on the important stuff. Even while having a conversation they often daydream so attention span becomes as good as null.
In the first study done in Leicester’s De Montfort University the more a person uses internet the more likely they are to experience cognitive failures.
These mistakes may include lack of general awareness towards the environment and can also stretch out as far as just going from one place to another and forgetting the reason why they came there at the first place.
The conclusion is some what similar to the mobile users with internet and without internet. Similarly cases may be with having phone conversations or surfing the net for long periods of time.
Dr. Hadington believes that a person gets too drawn with the distraction of modern technology when he/she has or suffers from short attention span.
We cannot seem to grasp what actually is happening to our awareness while using technology. People have reported to experience cognitive failure when over use of internet or phone fiddling is done.