Islington College is the 1st and private educational institute which has directly situated in Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu. This college was established in 1997 and is formally known as Informatics College. This college has given its service in education for decades. It is one of the excellent colleges in Nepal offering IT and Business Education to the students.

This College is affiliated to the University of UK named as London Metro-Political University. Islington College has a partnership with London Metro-Politian University and the University of Cambridge. This is the best college which offers you to study either in this college’s Kathmandu Campus or LondonMet’s North London Campus.

Mission and Vision

Islington College was established keeping a motive to become one of the prestigious and recognized private colleges in Nepal. This college was formed to develop IT Professionals and Businessman in Nepal. It has given a total of 10 years and more service in education. It was missioned to produce industry-ready graduates.


The management of the college is done not only by Nepalese but also by foreign people. The college has got Chairman& CEO as Mr. Sulav Budhathoki.  The Managing Director of this college is Mr. Ravi Phuyal, the chief academic officer is Mr. Benson Soong, and the Chief Operating Officer is Me. Kelvin Ng.


Islington College has got unique features than any other colleges. The features are as follows:

  • This college is the 1st college which has a direct partnership with UK University
  • You can enjoy the same status as the students that are studying at London University.
  • You can get the chance of local internship and job placement
  • The teaching facility and the infrastructure of this college exactly meet the international standard.
  • There is also the facility of the equipped lab.
  • Good facility of Library with more than 1000s of books.

Islington College offers a various educational course to the students like Bachelors in IT, Business and A Levels as well.  It also offers Master Education in IT. All these courses are of international degree. The details of the classes are.


Studying IT in this college is the best thing as this college has got IT degrees in different IT faculties namely Bachelor Degree in Computing, Bachelor Degree in Networking and IT Security and Bachelors in Multimedia Technology. The best thing about this is students can choose in which faculty they want to go. They won’t have to study all at once; they can analyze differently.

 Bachelors In computing is specially designed for the students who are interested in the computer system, their maintenance and development as well. Bachelors in Networking and IT Security is intended for those students who have an interest in networking areas like routing, switching, wires and more.

The students also get to learn all kinds of securities that can be given in the IT system and manage them. Bachelors in Multimedia and Technology is designed for students who have an interest in digital culture, media, and computer technology with networks and creativity.

Masters in Information Technology is for those students who want to learn and experience all kinds of IT systems either in networking, database or security.


Isn’t it, the right thing that the international college also provides the scholarships to the national students?? College provides two merits to the students namely London Metropolitan University School of Computing Academic Excellence Award Merit and namely London Metropolitan University School of Computing Academic Excellence Award Distinction respectively.

For contact details:

Tel: 441-2929, 442-0054

Email: [email protected]