Islington College Technological Festival Ended Successfully

Nepal ICT Exhibition Successfully Conducted

Wednesday, September 11, 2019, Kathmandu

The final year students of Islington College in Kamalpokhari have exhibited information technology-related exhibition. It had also conducted such exhibition last year by the graduate students who have succeeded in earning a good reputation and recognition in the field of Information Technology.

In the last year project, various seniors of banks, financial department, Information technology heads of employment providers were present. The best 34 projects were selected from over 300 projects presented. Representatives of organizations including NIC Asia, Prime, Maachapuchre Bank, Dristi Tech, Info developer were observed at the Program.

The students had prepared a dozen subject projects including software, hardware, networking, cybersecurity, animation, and artificial intelligence.

Informing about the preparation of the best project that suits Nepal, Chief Executive Officer of the college, Sulav Budhathoki, said the exhibition was organized in Islington to publicize the ability of the students studying on information technology.

In the exhibition, medical drone, smart dustbin, vehicle number plate reader, water hygiene and other projects were prepared. According to the college, around 3,000 students were observed in the exhibition held on the college campus on Wednesday. The college is operating a three-year course of computing, networking, and IT security and multi-media technology. Such programs play a great role in innovations and enhancing the growth Information Communication and technology  As innovation is the route to the sustainable economic growth of a country so the developing countries like Nepal should give opportunities for growth and development. With the rise of the new technologies, a new landscape has emerged so this kind of programs is an opportunity for greater development through ICT.


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