ISP Says ‘Darkness’ If Connection Wires Cut, New Pole Rent Unaffordable

Darkness Of Internet Connectivity Of Nepal

10th May, Kathmandu

ISPs say it will be too expensive for them to afford the new rate of pole rent imposed by Nepal Electricity Authority consequently much expensive cable TV and internet service.

They complained about the authority’s threat of cutting wires and also authority itself should be responsible for the difficulties caused by wires cut off. They also asserted not being able to pay according to the new rate. And they also informed that there will be a nationwide stoppage of cable TV and internet due to connection cut off.

The cooperation of ISPAN and cable tv service provider or Digital TV service provider committee had a press conference on it. Speaking on the conference of ISPAN Chairman Bhoj Raj Bhatta said there will be adverse effects on every sector like banking, mobile communication, governmental services, etc due to the cutoff. He complained that authority increased the rate by 500% at once and threatened of connection cutoff if not paid.

He added that authority breached the previous agreement between government and ISPAN. According to him, costumes should pay an additional 70% cost for the service users which is too high. He said that other telecom service company are gaining excessive profit whereas ISPAN had to pay 15 crore rupees only as a pole rent and if increased now it would be 70 crores to pay.

In the conference participants stood against the unreasonable impose of clean feed in which there are only 2% channels in the clean feed. So they mentioned that the service would be so expensive if NEA imposes connection cutoff and government’s clean feed. If done so they threatened of doing server down and submit the server door key to the government.


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