You might feel awful hearing that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) sell your Data to advertisers, but nothing to worry about there is also another behind like FCC (Federal Communication Commission) which would help you to protect your privacy.

Since, there is no any specific rule by cyber law for broadband providers and customer privacy so this was happening and the chairman of FCC, Tom Wheeler believed that strict rule should be applied to ISPs as well, as like phone companies.

Now, let’s discuss on “do your ISP tracking your Web Surfing and sell data to the advertisers.”

The internet service providers would give the ability to access to vast and potentially lucrative amount of your web-browsing activity for the internet traffic. Similarly, if you are using mobile phone, the ISP can track your physical location throughout the day in real time. Likewise, it also use Deep Packet Inspection to stealthily gather and store information about their customer’s surfing habits like search queries, information entered, websites visited and what apps they have used.

Furthermore, on the proposed set of rules it is clearly mentioned that what data they would collect from their users and share that with the other companies for advertisement and marketing purpose. But it is not good indeed, at any cost they have to ask for customers’ permission and chairman of FCC Tom Wheeler had also mentioned the same things.

So such activities need to be stop and people has also commented on article and though portfolio, they mentioned their views several times, so may be in future, ISPs would also treat like FCC.